The Mieke Meijer Balance LED Lamp is Tricky to Turn on

 - May 16, 2012
References: & gizmag
While the Mieke Meijer Balance LED lamp may be fun for those who strive for perfection, it could be a bit troublesome for those times when immediate illumination is required.

The light is composed of two wooden rods with brass running along the bottom of each, which are connected by an electrical wire. While the base rod remains stationary, the second rod runs perpendicular to the other and can move from side to side to complete the circuit and turn on the fixture. Only when the two brass panels line up and touch will the light be activated -- which does not make for a particularly effective bedside lighting solution.

This precision needed to operate the lamp was the designer's way of forcing users to think about their consumption, by promoting the use of the appliance only when completely necessary.