The Meter Calendar Counts Down the Year with Each Day as a Centimeter

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: petjamontanez & packagingoftheworld
There are more creative ways to display the date than with rectangular sheets of paper and rows of numbered boxes. The Meter Calendar was inspired by the standard tape measure with its scroll of figures that tots up the length of an object.

Here, a string of integers has been spaced out at one-centimeter intervals, as if the contraption is intended to be a gauge for calculating span. In fact, Petja Montanez's product does have a double function of doing just that -- only up the 28th to the 31st unit.

At the half mark between each numbered day, a month is written in red. The Meter Calendar counts 1 through 31 and begins again for the start of the next month. The user may cut the strip of paper at the end of each twelfth-of-a-year period.