The Somebody App Allows You to Send a Message to People in Your Location

 - Sep 5, 2014
References: & technabob
The Somebody messenger app allows you to send messages and interact digitally with random strangers based off your location. While the concept of this app might sound a little strange at first, it's actually a great way for people to use nearby strangers to send messages to friends and family.

With apps like Tinder that encourage the meeting of strangers based off of their close location proximity, an app like Somebody doesn't sound all that outlandish. How this app works is that users can turn on the app and find people who also have the app and are located in the same vicinity as their friends, loved ones or family. From there users are able to send these strangers messages that tell them what to say to your friend. You can even personalize the interaction more by including gestures or actions.