The ‘Memory Retention and the Forgetting Curve’ Study

 - Jul 20, 2012
The human brain absorbs and categorizes information differently, and the ‘Memory Retention and the Forgetting Curve’ study examines this. According to this infographic, there is a specific formula that describes how individuals retain and forget information depending on how material is learned, how meaningful it is and the difficulty of the material.

Through this visual depiction, the theory of human memory is broken down into its simplest parts and stylishly plotted over time and according to various external factors. Both the ‘exponential nature of forgetting’ and ‘reviewing to remember’ are strategically investigated, so that individuals may better learn how to remember and also to forget. With the help of the Memory Retention and the Forgetting Curve study, individuals can see how the process of memory works and how they can better prepare their cranium for data collection.