The Gibson Memory Cable Records Musical Instrument Output

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: www2.gibson & gizmag
Gibson's 'Memory Cable' is an instrument cable that has a digital audio recorder fitted onto it. This means musicians who want to lay down musical ideas or record their jams don't need to hook up complicated recording equipment before they can start playing.

At first glance, the Memory Cable looks no different from other instrument cables -- minus the slight bulge at one end. This bulge marks the position of a compact solid-state recorder that can record uncompressed WAV audio files and perform studio quality analog-to-digital conversion.

The Memory Cable is incredibly easy to operate. Players just need to plug the cable into their electronic instrument and press the main button. The recording device will then automatically capture every note that you play until you manually shut it off. The device even has a mode that makes it record only when you're playing, so that it doesn't waste storage space on recording silence.