C.U.L.T. Lord of the Flies

 - Jul 24, 2008
References: arashandkelly & mocoloco
Arash and Kelly are the founders of C.U.L.T., the Centre for Universal Learning and Thought for the 21st Century. They have designed these Mehndi inspired 'flyswots' called Lord of the Flies for a C.U.L.T. exhibition in September.

The swatters are available pre-show, in a limited edition of 100 pieces for $200 each. They are only available in black, will be numbered and come with a "signed by Arash and Kelly" certificate of authenticity.

Profits from the sale of these cool 'floswots' will go towards women's co-operatives in Morocco.

The dramatic photographs where created by Zoobs for C.U.L.T.