This Clip Explains Why Italy Still Suffers a Digital Divide

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: & youtube
If you want to understand media in Italy, take a look at the national newspapers or broadcasting. Old media tends to be a mirror of the worst professional bias in Italy. Fortunately, something is changing, but it is happening slowly. Italy is a country that likes TV; around 100% of Italian households have at least one TV in their living room. On the other hand, just 61% of households own a PC. That is why most of the news is "consumed" while sitting in front of old media like the television.

Media in Italy offers something better than a grim 1984 scenario. As described in Open Society Foundation’s Mapping Digital Media report, Italy is fighting against its historical digital divide. In 2010, Italy passed the threshold of 50% people connected to the Internet. This is an encouraging result, but Italy is still below the European average for broadband penetration (in the 24th position.)

Media in Italy is evolving, but innovative and quality-checked journalism still has to gain its place in the daily feed. Finally, this video about media in Italy and the digital challenge explains why there is still a lot of digital and social work to do.