Deciphering The First Family Names

 - Dec 26, 2008
References: parents & trendhunter
The 2008 top list mania is in full effect, and that includes the list of top baby names in 2008. Even though the Obama family names did not land in the top 10, they did experience a rise from 2007 to 2008. And with President elect Obama set to take over soon, I am sure the names will experience further popularity in 2009 following the inauguration.

But before you hastily choose one of these baby names, what is the origin of these four presidential names, and what do they mean?

Barack is a Hebrew name that means ‘lightning’. Alternative spellings include Barak and Baraq.

Malia, which is the Hawaiian form of Mary and Maria, has its origins in Hebrew with a meaning of ‘Sea of sorrow’.

Sasha is a Greek name that means ‘Defender of mankind’. Sasha is a Russian pet form of Aleksandr or Aleksandra. It is also a variation of the Greek name, Alexander and French name, Sacha. Interestingly, this name is mostly given to male children in Eastern Europe, and to girls in the U.S.

Finally, the most common name of the bunch, Michelle, is a Hebrew name that means ‘Who resembles God’. Michelle is the French feminine form of Michael. It rose to fame in pop culture thanks to the 1965 Beatles’ bilingual song of the same name.