This Cross-Stitch is Mean Girls Memorabilia for the Home

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: etsy & refinery29
Etsy store 'A Manic Monday' offers Mean Girls memorabilia for the home. The store has repurposed one of the film's most classic quotes -- "You Can't Sit With Us" -- into a 4 x 6 cross stitch in a gold frame.

This cross stitch is a great addition to your living room because it quickly determines the people who are actually worthy of sitting with you. If your guest understands the quote, they are clearly a decent human being who is deserving of a seat on your couch. However, if they don't immediately pick up on the reference, that's your cue to show them the door. I mean, have they been living under a rock the past ten years?

It might seem harsh to base your friendships on one film, but considering how prevalent Mean Girls has been for the past decade, I'd say it's fair criteria.