Maxieme Loiseau Uses Printed Electronics to Create a Wireless Design

 - May 28, 2015
References: maximeloiseau & fastcodesign
Maxieme Loiseau is a young designer hailing from Paris, France. She has recently created a unique set of headphones that will capture people's attention for the sheer simplicity and super slim design of their silhouette. Yet what will really astound consumers is the fact that Maxieme Loiseau used only eight parts to create the headphones. This is impressive since similar devices are made up of 50 parts.

In addition to that detail, Maxieme Loiseau used printed electronics that were crafted through a roll-to-roll processing system. With no need for wires or injection molding, the result is a utilitarian design for the modern listener. Fast Co Design writes, "The speaker technology, only a millimeter thick, is based on a piezoelectric cell, which uses electricity stored in crystalized substances to generate sound, and is comparable in quality to a regular headphone speaker."