Masclear Makes Wearing Protective Masks Look Less Intimidating

 - Sep 9, 2011
References: & ohgizmo
During SARS, many people wore face masks and it wasn't exactly the friendliest sight; so to make that look a little less intimidating, the Masclear was created.

Dwellers in large urban cities, especially Japan, are frequent users of face masks for fear of pollution and even diseases. It's not a sight most want others to see them in, but it's also necessary for the right reasons. Thanks to the Masclear, that problem may be eliminated once and for all. The accessory contains a translucent plastic shield that's barely noticeable with the exception of the white brace that holds it. Much like the other face masks, the Masclear helps stop the wearer's saliva and breath from spreading to fellow pedestrians.

The Masclear is available in different sizes to accommodate different fittings.