Marussiac's 'Who shot the Mickey?' Series is a Look at Childhood Symbols

 - Aug 2, 2011
References: marussiac.cultcode
'Who shot the Mickey?' is a new work by Marussiac from the collection Day LIFE. Marussiac is exploring an artistic simulation of the future and is interested in the potential end of Hollywood symbols, namely, Mickey Mouse.

In Marussiac's work, Mickey's entire body is covered with a white sheet that only has traces of the gunshot and his body is alone in the dark room. Black and white silhouettes of famous cartoon heroes cover the walls. Mickey’s home-castle is black and the shooter's whereabouts are unknown -- all this remains shrouded in mystery and the obvious question is raised, 'Who shot the Mickey?' Marussiac does not point out the shooter, but merely ponders whether or not there is a possible killer to the most famous mouse in Hollywood history. Mickey is a metaphor for Euro-American civilization, which is arguably in a global crisis. Humanity must guard their symbols, because it may come to a sudden end and change lives forever.