The Mark Zuckerberg Infograph is Cinematically Inspired

Largely based off of the film about the notorious developer, the Mark Zuckerberg infograph provides a hilarious chronological view of the famous Facebook founder.

Appropriately, this infograph makes use of the comprehensive Timeline template to illustrate the life and times of Zuckerberg. With movie quote wall posts from Sean Parker, Eduardo Saverin and the infamous 'Winklevi,' the hilarious parody timeline reflects rumors, lawsuits and the film that has depicted the Facebook story to viewers around the world. Making use of many distinctive Facebook capabilities, the infograph is undeniably creative. Though none of the photos are of Zuckerberg himself, the photo stills from 'The Social Network' make for a more dynamic outcome.

Creative, smart and captivating, the Mark Zuckerberg infograph is a clever departure from the traditional infographic template and an effective storytelling tool.