Power-Seeking 'Windhunter' Water Electrolysis System

 - Mar 21, 2009   Updated: Jun 23 2011
References: windhunter.org
Florida-based 'Windhunter' is developing a concept that uses a floating rig mounted with several wind turbines for power output to produce hydrogen by electrolyzing water.

Once separated, the hydrogen would be compressed and stored as gas or liquefied and placed in insulated tanks for transportation.

The floating rigs could relocate to accommodate wind conditions. Each can produce some 45 megawatts of electricity, enough to power up to 13,000 homes.

Implications - Hydrogen is a great source of fuel because it produces absolutely no carbon dioxide; only heat. The Windhunter system provides a clean and effective way to get hydrogen unlike the current method, which has to use natural gas.