‘A Pocketful of Poésy’ for UK Marie Claire 2013 Embrace

Clémence Poésy delicately poses in the light of dawn for the October edition of UK Marie Claire 2013. Dressed in dark tones like black, dark blue and deep purple, she transitions from night into the light of a new day. Just as the season of autumn is one for changes, the editorial reflects the same symbolism.

Photography Steen Sundland captures the model in light and in shadows. Poésy appears to be deep in thought, mulling over some deep thought. She models a variety of outfits, pairing lace-patterned tops and dresses with stockings and bright colored bottoms.

Black leather also makes a comeback with belts and fine-stitched details in a jacket and boots. In one image, the model is dressed in black boots. The look is often seen as masculine, but it is contrasted with her long black lace frock. In another image, a black leather jacket is paired with a pink layered skirt to keep the look feminine and flirty.

The editorial is dark and brooding but vibrant and full of inspiration for the bright new day creeping through the windows.