This Manually Cranked Lamp Allows the User to Adjust Its Lighting or Color

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: blog.okmylo & yankodesign
This lamp must be manually cranked in order for the user to brighten or dim its light, or change its color.

The unusual lighting piece was designed by Stefan Nosko and Katarina Belickova and was appropriately titled 'Well Light.' It was named as such due to the fact that its design was inspired by actual wells, with the small light bulb in the lamp hanging from a handle at the top. As the lamp is manually cranked, the bulb descends lower into the glass contraption and the gradient coloring on the glass changes the color and strength of the light depending on where the bulb is lowered.

This lamp offers an interactive experience and functions as unconventional lighting decor in the home.