The Mamulengo Rocking Chair's Layered Skeleton Feels Good on the Spine

 - Oct 11, 2013
References: eduardobaroni & mocoloco
Considering that there are no cushions on the Mamulengo Rocking Chair and that its composition is based on spaced slats, this piece of furniture is remarkably comfortable. How do I know? It was modeled on ergonomic data. Eduardo Baroni collected this information and used it to design the oscillating seat on the computer in preparation for its CNC-milled manufacturing.

The perfect curvatures were formed when the swaying seat was put together, providing a smooth transition from the backrest to the bench, to the edge beneath your knees. As they move away from the middle, several of the plywood panels have been cut to gradually form armrests, creating remarkably even contours, considering the visibly fragmented assembly.