Tiny Devotions Uses Mala Beads to Make Stylish & Calming Jewelry

Tiny Devotions is a Canadian company that uses blessed mala beads from Bali to create handmade yoga-inspired accessories and jewelry pieces that provide wearers with uplifting strength to live each day to its fullest potential.

The company was founded by Diana Charabin and all the products created are made from mala beads, which are also known as prayer beads. However, the pieces from Tiny Devotions have less to do with prayer and instead are about the wearer living by a personal intention. For variety, the shop makes necklaces, bracelets (both single stacked ones) and scarves, and each stone used in a piece represents a manifestation and belongs to a specific collection. For example, if you’re going through a difficult time, wearing an accessory from the 'Strength' collection such as the 'Guidance Mala' made with a black onyx brings harmony, joy and good fortune. Further, the 'Goddess Mala,' which is part of the 'Love' collection is made with rhodonite which helps balance emotions.

With the holidays approaching, giving someone very special to you a beautiful bracelet made from mala beads will let them know you truly care about their well-being.