Major Arcana 'Wyrdology' Street Signs for the Superstitious

 - Jul 21, 2009   Updated: May 17 2011
References: notcot
These tarot trump cards are far from the usual creepy looking cards. Instead of featuring mystical images, these cards show users different street signs.

I'm not exactly sure how to use tarot cards in the first place, but Major Arcana has definitely raised the bar in the complexity of the game.

Check out Major Arcana's Wyrdology to learn what card means.

Implications - Mockery of the supernatural is a comforting concept that's quite common in contemporary art. As of late, the theme has taken a light-hearted approach that's had people looking at it in a perspective complete opposite its original perception. Parodies are always a welcoming design concept no matter the product as it brings joy to consumers who want to take things less seriously.