Maiko Takeda's Headdresses are Atmospheric and Out Of This World

 - Oct 4, 2013
References: spoon-tamago
Maiko Takeda's milliner and jeweler experience has helped in creating a series of "otherworldly" headdresses that are extravagant and very pointy-looking. These headdresses are all hand-made by Takeda herself.

The final pieces were inspired to create "surreal, subtle dramas around the person wearing my pieces and the people near them" -- in other words, to elicit some sort of response. She also notes that her work is very fast-paced because the actors are often sweating as the headdresses are prepared. These works mainly include headdresses, but also seem to include some sort of glove.

The actual process requires hand-cutting pointy shapes, then attaching them piece by piece to a larger structure that is then worn by the actor. More of Maiko Takeda's works can be seen on her personal website.