The Magic Pixel Games 'Stick to It' App Gives Angry Birds Tough Competition

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: magicpixelgames & kotaku
If you're looking for a new alternative to flinging some raging birds around on your smartphone, Magic Pixel Games has just the mobile app for you.

Continuing the proud tradition of physics-based puzzle games on iPhone and other mobile touch devices, Magic Pixel Games's 'Stick to It' adds a new wrinkle to a much-loved genre. Instead of using physics to hurl furious fowl into flimsy pig built structures, you're tasked with helping an adorable little alien blob find its way back to its mother.

The Magic Pixel app is so incredibly simple that it can be explained in a 53 second trailer with no words. Simply, you let gravity do the work as the blob rolls around the stages, and when you want the blob to stick to a surface, you simply touch the screen. Moving platforms, conveyor belts and other obstacles will help propel the blob to his mom or cause depressing alien blob death.