Easy Bernie Maddoff Bashing With Toys and DIY Projects

 - Feb 17, 2009
References: nydailynews & news.yahoo
Here’s a smashing way to deal with that pent-up rage over the antics of Bernie Madoff. A vendor at this week’s New York Toy Show is offering a ‘Bash-Me-Bernie’ doll. For just under $100, you can destroy, or torture an effigy of the super-villain scam artist to your vengeful heart’s delight.

Madoff, in case you don’t know, is the fellow responsible for a Ponzi scheme that ripped off investors for about $50 billion.

You can see a little video of the doll, enjoy an impromptu Bernie-Bashing-song in the video above, or wait until mid-summer when you'll be able to opt for the budget solution and use 'Printies' to make your own Evil Bernie doll. Printies, "also make excellent voodoo dolls," according to the company’s president.