The Lythos Table by Toni Grilo Impossibly Balances on Its Peak

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: haymanneditions & fastcodesign
The Lythos Table looks like an impossible feat of magic or, more realistically, magnetism. In reality, neither of these are the case. Instead, what appears to be a heavy solid slab of marble is a trompe l'oeil. The Lythos Table is completely hollow, weighing no more that 40 grams. It is placed on a stone counterweight with a simple leather strap to make it appear as though it were floating.

Designed by Lisbon-based French designer Toni Grilo, the Lythos Table lightweight slices of marble mounted to a metal honeycomb structure that are then mounted on durable pieces of foam. Parisian furniture label Haymann Editions, which will launch the Lythos Table, states, "We thought this would be a great way to work with marble without the weight of marble." It is indeed.