The Luxury Table from Lancelot Lancaster is Made from a Jet Engine

This luxury table from Lancelot Lancaster White is made from a Rolls-Royce jet engine. The table is the ultimate item to adorn your home or hangar -- if you can afford this table at $720,000 dollars then it would be no surprise that you have your own a hangar.

Made with aircraft grade titanium, the table's previous purpose was to power a Boeing 747 airliner. So while it's not busy powering jumbo jets, it can accommodate your TV Guide and coffee.

Another purpose of the luxury table is to serve in a boardroom as it is able to fit 10 people. The tip of the turbine is made out of silver, but can replaced with Ruby if one so desires. If the Ruby option is chosen, the tip of the turbine will light up whenever there is a conference call.