The Buben And Zorweg Magnum Isn't Your Average Safe

 - Oct 7, 2013
References: luxurylaunches
Buben & Zorweg set out to launch a newly innovative luxury safe that is built with high security. The design is innovative, as it is to protect your valuables yet appear unlike a traditional safe.

The exterior design includes two handles and a selection of different materials to your needs. The safe doors do not open outwards, but rather disappear inside the safe when opened. The presentation of the valuables inside is almost decorative as they are displayed as almost shrine-like. Other features include extremely thick doors, LED lighting, stainless steel bezels, hand-crafted housing clads, velour interior and polished Ebony Grigio. There are also hidden compartments in the back of the safe.

The price of the Magnum is $144,732.