Bottega Leather Home Collection

 - Sep 10, 2008   Updated: Aug 11 2011
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I want this desk... it's the Bottega Veneta Leather Desk. Would I look funny with my nose pressed to the top of the desk, inhaling the strong manly scent of cow? Do I care what you think? No.

Just 19 more days of Sarah Palin posts, and I'm all over this. Oh! All over it, that raises another specter. Ever since Bottega Veneta came out with their home collection, I lurk and lust.

Implications - Although designers are encouraged more and more to create products are are completely credit crunch-friendly, there is a certain design aesthetic that favors the lavishness that consumers still desire. For example, this is an over-indulgent product that uses consumer desire for greater things. Businesses can benefit by using this design aesthetic and create products that shower the consumer in more indulgent goods.