The Lunch Chart Shows Worldwide Lunch Habits

 - Nov 26, 2013
Chef Works has recently published an extremely informative infographic about the different types of lunches there are worldwide and their origins. Lunch began as a woman's meal in the 18th century as a snack between meals.

In the infographic, Japan is known for their bento boxes that consist of rice, fish and several other dishes. Lunch in South Africa features Bobotie, a beef or lamb potpie containing raisins, apples, almonds and curry powder, with seafood as an important component in their diet. In Brazil, lunch starts a little earlier than standard time and is the biggest meal of the day consisting of rice, beans and salad. Lunch in Spain is the biggest meal of the day. Lasting around 3 hour long, dishes could include tapas, paella, soups, salads or roasted chicken. Finally, a typical American Lunch are various combinations of salads, soups and sandwiches, and is typically the lighter party of daily meals.