The Lunar Nova Rock Climbing Surface is Stylish and Functional

 - May 12, 2012
References: nova.lunar-europe & gizmag
The Lunar Nova rock climbing surface has redesigned the traditional scaling wall in such a way that avid climbers can have one featured prominently in their home without compromising the aesthetic of their interior design.

To the untrained eye, the wall-mounted climbing structure appears to simply be an art deco element as it sits flush to the wall and features tastefully subtle carvings throughout its sleek design. Unlike the traditional rock climbing apparatus, which is meant to visually simulate actual stones, the Nova’s nooks and indented cut-outs act as the grips for working one’s way up to the top.

Using a smartphone application, the climber can plan a route to take up the wall, which is then lit up in ambient blues and whites on the surface of the piece—an element which can double as mood lighting when entertaining.