The Lulu App Introduces Its Truth Bomb Feature

 - Oct 23, 2014
References: onlulu & jezebel
The Lulu app allows women to rate men they've dated or hooked up with. If a guy has a viable Facebook profile, you could look up the opinion of dozens of other ladies within minutes. Is he the charming, fun-loving dude from your dreams? Or is he a sleazy two-timing dirtbag from hell? Ask around! The app, which is marketed as a private network for girls, operates with the tagline "Share your experiences. Make Smarter Decisions." In other words: No. Scrubs.

In recent weeks, the app has been testing out its latest feature: Truth Bombs. Essentially, it allows guys to anonymously crowdsource women for the answers to questions that are too dumb or contrived to ask out loud. Only one dude is allowed per message thread, so other men can't offer their unsolicited opinions or comments, but any number of women can answer.

The top questions range from "how many guys have you slept with?" to "do women like arms or abs more?" Sounds about right.