Luba Borzetsovskaya Makes Farming Fun in ‘The Jumpers'

 - Dec 26, 2009
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If Luba Borzetsovskaya and I were friends, I am 99 percent sure I would call her B. Why? Well I wouldn’t feel comfortable calling her Luba since it is so dangerously close to lube, and her last name makes my head hurt just looking at it. So, B it is. Or maybe B-1 or B-2, I already have a few Bs buzzing around in my life.

Until then, I will have to settle for being the lowly trend hunter writing about her fantastic photography. In ‘The Jumpers,’ Luba Borzetsovskaya takes a panoramic view of a typical farm, adds some joyous people hopping around and somehow makes it all look amazingly unique. One day, I will have the same skill set. Until then, well you already know, lowly Trend Hunter blah, blah, blah…

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