Loop by LaSelva is Consumer-Assembled and Wonderfully Flexible

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: laselvastudio.es & mocoloco
With products like the Loop by LaSelva Studio, it's evident why a DIY component is valuable. It takes hardly any extra work to prepare this object for use, but the benefits include a reduction in expended energy for the production and shipping, plus the freedom for the user to decide how she'd like to set it up.

To fix a coat hook to a wall will generally require the use of a drill and a screwdriver anyway, and this is what's necessary for the installation of the flatpacked Loop. Simply take the thin metal strip and furl it so that its ends match up. Place these behind the included wooden block and use hardware to secure it in position. Orient Loop upwards or downwards to have it serve as a wall-mounted pocket or a clothes peg.