The Lonely Sculpture Comments on Love and Loneliness in a Digital Age

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: tullyarnot & beautifuldecay
Tully Arnot's latest project, the 'Lonely Sculpture,' is imbued with the artist's signature sarcasm and wit.

Acting as a social commentary on our relationship with technology, Arnot's sculpture is a tapping mechanical finger that, when placed over a smartphone, has the ability to interact with people on the Internet: specifically, it is able to accept or 'like' people on the dating app Tinder.

Tinder is an app that is, on some level, searching for human connection. It connects strangers to one another, on the off chance that a relationship will form. That being said, there's something incredibly isolating about Tinder. It reduces our identity to its most essential terms; basically, what can be gleaned by a few carefully chosen photos and a line of text, and relies on other people's judgment of those factors.