The Colorful LG Lollipop Phones Display LED Animations

 - Mar 27, 2009
References: slashphone
LG introduced a colorful new line of cell phones in Korea dubbed "Lollipops," targeting 17 – 23 year-old users.

One of the unique features of these clamshell phones is that they have 220 LED lights on the outside, which can display cute customized animations such as hearts, cars, animals, etc.

The LEDS can light up in 35 different colors, and the "Secret Lighting" feature allows different colors to be linked to different designated callers. Another feature, "Motion Silence," enables the phone to go silent when flipped upside-down. In addition, there is a self-portrait camera with software to aid users in taking good photos.

Colors choices include Aqua Blue, Cutie Pink and Boyish Titanium. The phones are also known by model numbers LG-SV800, KH8000 and LH8000.

First the chocolate phone, now the lollipop phone… LG seems to have a fondness for candy. I’m waiting for the "meat ‘n potatoes" phone or the "lasagna" phone.  Mmmm…