The LOL Socket Makes it Easier to Plug in at Night

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The LOL Socket is not a design to be laughed at. Designer Devraj Bhadra has remixed the wall outlet to make it easier to find plugs in the dark. The name LOL was chosen for this socket due to the side grooves and the middle socket plug forming the shape of the now-iconic acronym.

The LOL Socket uses its side grooves to help guide prospective pluggers towards the power ports. There are a total of five power holes on this socket, designed in the style of European outlets. The five power holes make it easier to plug your device in, especially when you're fumbling around in the dark and can't be bothered to correctly insert a power plug. The LOL Socket is a simple redesign that, while not super advanced, could make life considerably easier in certain situations.