Lockpick Earrings are for the Discreet, Yet Stylish Cat Burglar

 - Mar 20, 2017
References: lockpickextreme & laughingsquid
Functional earrings are nothing new, but lockpick earrings aren't something you come across every day. These were designed by Lockpicking Extreme, a San Francisco-based company that specializes in "fun, informative, entertaining hands-on training in the arts of lockpicking and handcuff escape." In addition to events, the company also has a small online store, which sells lockpick kits and accessories like these lockpick earrings.

The earrings come in two styles, hearts or triangles, and feature two sets of picks and a double-ended turning tool. The lockpick earrings, $40 each, are an investment. When you consider the fact that you're essentially buying a lock-pick set you can take anywhere (no one will suspect the earrings!) the asking price doesn't seem so steep.