The Locko Outdoor Faucet Prevents Water Theft and Wastage

 - Oct 29, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The Locko Outdoor Faucet ensures that a household's garden spout isn't being taken advantage of. If hydro bills are slowly starting to creep upwards and there is no real good explanation for it, perhaps someone is siphoning some water from their home. Considering that there are no real safeguards to protect public and private outdoor faucets from strangers, this should come as no surprise. Nevertheless, the Locko Outdoor Faucet hopes to change that.

Designed by Arman Emami of Emami Design, the Locko Outdoor Faucet incorporates a combination lock directly on the tap so that only the people with the code can access it. Not only will this prevent water theft (which is more common than people would believe), it also reduces water wastage. The clever design is incredibly simple and intuitive.