Lisa Snook's Beautiful, Bizarre Footwear

The subject of shoes is not always sexy, exciting or cutting edge. Yes, there are shoe designers out there like Christian Louboutin whose creations can make some of us drool even when you're thinking to yourself, "I will never, ever, climb into those 6" pumps but I can admire from a distance."

Admire from a distance is exactly what you do when you visit Liza Snook's Virtual Shoe Museum. The museum dates back to 2004 when Ms. Snook started to exchange ideas with designers, publishers, photographers and other people connected to the shoe business. The result has been a wonderful collection of beautiful, extravagant, exciting, thought provoking shoes both real and virtual from all over the world.

Ms. Snook separates her collection by categories such as color, designer, focus, material, object type, shoe type, special use and style. These categories are then separated into very,very interesting subcategories which are exquisite, provoking, daring, controversial and revolutionizing. Some of the subcategories under "style" for instance are:"kinky", "minimal", "transformer", "gothic" and "experimental".

Lisa Snook's Virtual Shoe Museum is definitely worth a visit or two and I can't seem to be able to get out of the website. The "extreme" section in category "shoe type" is mesmerizing and the kinky section under "style"(yes, I went there) is sinfully fantastic!