Temporary Body Mods by Kye Ok Kim

 - Jan 27, 2008
References: kyeokkim
This series of incredible temporary body modifcation devices was designed by Kye Ok Kim and showcased at Seoul Design Week 2007. They allow those who want to express themselves through artistic body work to do so via light, print or paint.

The light-emitted brooches project patterns onto the skin while the other trinkets I think are meant to put patterns in your skin, kind of like embossing yourself. You know how you wake up with pillow case wrinkle face? It's kind of like that, but in a fashionable way. Or I guess you could use makeup for the imprint.

"I intend to reinterpret the meaning of ornamentation on the body, beyond the visual aspect questioning how ornamenting is recognized by people, what is worn as jewellery, and what decorates the body, in order to find a new perspective for jewellery," Kim says on his site.

"Jewellery expands its visible boundaries, from the material to the immaterial, the tangible to the untangible, conveying sensuality and emotional connection between people and places, and people and objects. It is a sensory communicative tool with a soft flow of natural sensibility in daily life."