The Lifedisc Contains Life-Saving Supplies and is Beach-Friendly

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: indiegogo & gizmag
Survival kits come in all shapes and sizes, as the LifeDisc once again proves. LifeDisc is designed in the shape of a Frisbee, but it's not meant to be thrown. No, this disc is actually a container that can hold all the tools you deem necessary to survive in the wilderness. The LifeDisc was originally designed for fishing, which explains its circular shape. The designers decided to expand its usefulness, adding a reflective surface for signaling and increasing its storage space.

The result is a disc that comes equipped with paracord and fishing line. The kit comes unstocked so that travelers can decide what they want and don't want, although a pre-stocked version is available and include such necessities as a water purifier and knife.