Life Light by Xi Zheng Supports Rescue Ops Around the Clock

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: coroflot & designbuzz
When a catastrophe occurs, time is of the essence and rescuers must remain tireless and cooperative despite the day's fading light. To enhance the efficiency of laboring through the night, the Life Light by Xi Zheng affords aid workers a means of organizing the scene of a disaster and the illumination to continue with their heroic missions.

This peculiar contraption looks a little bit like a rocket launcher, but it releases a single helium balloon into the air. When activated, the balloon inflates and floats connected to the end of a 3 meter string. The incorporation of polychromatic LED lights in the glowing orb helps leaders to color-code different areas of the site, as the Life Light by Xi Zheng provides life-saving illumination to zones that need it most.