Life Coach App Mindbloom is the Virtual Genie in Your Smartphone

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: mindbloom
Millions of niche smartphone and tablet apps are swarming app stores to become a habitual part of technology users' lives for specific purposes.

Mindbloom is a very holistic application that focuses on fostering all aspects of the user's life such as their relationships, finances, spirituality, creativity, health, lifestyle and career through a routine game-like technique. Bloom, Life Game and Juice are separate apps by Mindbloom that focus on a different part of life such as health and energy levels, life motivation and relationship enhancement.

In a way the app can be perceived as a virtual life coach. Enabling users to set reminders to help build healthy habits, prepare for important events, get pumped up before a workout and set action required reminders to help enhance their relationships are only a fraction of it's features.