The Let's All Be Mayor Campaign Gets Gamers to Vote on SimCity Fates

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: letsallbemayor & adverblog
In a clever crowdsourced ad campaign, Electronic Arts is telling gamers: "Let's all be mayor." The 'Let's All be Mayor' campaign allows aspiring SimCity gamers to vote on the fates of various pre-built SimCities in the new title set to be released this March.

The campaign spans for seven days, during which gamers can vote on what happens to each city. Each city is named after a different gameplay mechanic in the game. For example, during the 'Disaster City' portion of the ad campaign, you can probably guess how the public at large voted.

If you spent hours as a kid building up cities only to purposefully watch them get decimated by tornadoes, earth quakes, floods and fires, it shouldn't come as any surprise. Other cities included in the clever 'Let's All be Mayor' campaign include Crime City, Tech City, Power City and Suburb City. My vote goes to crushing disasters for the whole lot of them; especially Suburb City.