The LEM Wall Lights Emit Beams of Light as Intriguing as Their Geometries

 - Oct 9, 2013
References: & mocoloco
A lampshade can do so much more than simply damper or diffuse the light from a bulb, and these LEM Wall Lights show you how. Daniel Becker has developed these fascinating fixtures with multifaceted surfaces that have been carefully covered in different textiles.

Inspired by aperiodic patterns and quasicrystals, the designer constructed three-dimensional forms from fine wire that take complex yet rational and symmetrical shapes. They're visually intriguing on their own, but assume mesmerizing depth when dressed in various fabrics and foils. The different colors, textures and materials allow rays to escape from the LEM Wall Lights in a variety of ways, producing spectacular shadows and designs within their own skins and against the drywall behind them.