This Service Streamlines the Legal Research Process

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: ravellaw & businessinsider
'Ravel Law' is a new service that is designed to streamline the legal research process. As of right now, students, lawyers, librarians and paralegals are forced to spend countless hours searching though different cases to find the information they need. This service helps to simplify the process by making the information easily accessible.

When users sign up for Ravel Law, they gain access to thousands of legal cases dating back to the 19th century for free. Although there are other platforms that have digitized case files, most of this information is only accessible to those who pay for the service. Ravel Law also comes with an added mapping features that helps lawyers and students connect related cases and visualize relevant information.

By streamlining the legal research process, Ravel Law could help to save students, lawyers and firms a great deal of time and money.