The Lee Romao 3D Popeye is Tougher and Buffer Than Ever

 - Oct 16, 2012
References: cghub & albotas
With his intense muscles bulging out of his forearms and his classic pipe and sailor cap cocked to the side, the Lee Ramao 3D Popeye rendition is incredibly realistic.

This version of Popeye embodies what the cartoon character would look like if he were a real person, with extreme attention to detail including skin texture, veins popping out of his disproportionately large arms and stubble on his chin. Ramao went so far as to add some tattoos to the buff sailor, including a picture of his love Olive Oyl, the words "I yam what I yam" across his chest and even a couple of spinach leaves.

The Lee Ramao 3D Popeye brings the classic cartoon to life.