This Epicurious Recipe Shows How to Make Lasagna in the Microwave

 - Mar 2, 2017
References: epicurious
Between the slicing, assembling and cooking, preparing a homemade lasagna from scratch can be a process that takes hours—but this Epicurious recipe proposes an easier and faster way to make lasagna in the microwave.

In total, the recipe takes about 30 minutes, which includes time for resting, while the actual cook time is reduced to just 15 minutes in the microwave. The meat-free recipe calls for all of the same ingredients that can be found in a traditional lasagna recipe, except that the use of no-boil lasagna noodles are a key part in speeding up the traditional lasagna-making process.

When prepared in a large dish, lasagna can provide enough meals for the week. This microwave lasagna recipe makes it possible for people to enjoy the taste of home cooking in a fraction of the time it ordinarily takes to prepare this meal in the oven.