Slate's 'Language Maps' of the US Reveals Interesting Language Patterns

 - May 17, 2014
References: slate & visualnews
Slate has created a series of wonderfully informative 'language maps' of the United States of America. The maps reveal various patterns and unexpected facts about the languages spoken in different US states.

English is obviously the most commonly spoken language across the board, with Spanish the second most commonly spoken language in all but seven states. But a map dedicated to the most commonly spoken language other than English or Spanish reveals that Arabic leads the way in Michigan and German in Colorado.

Another map reveals the most commonly spoken Native American language in each state, with Navajo the most commonly spoken one in the southwestern states and Cherokee in much of the southeast.

There are also language maps that reveal the most commonly spoken Scandinavian languages (Sweden leads the pack), Indo-Aryan languages (Hindi has a huge lead) and African languages.