The LAHWF Smelling People Prank Approaches Strangers

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: laughingsquid
Catch the reactions of complete strangers as they receieve compliments on how they smell in the LAHWF Smelling People Prank. This was a stunt that aimed to test both individuals' person boundaries and their reaction to unconventional praise. The main prankster behind this stunt, Andrew Hales, took on the embarrassing mission of smelling complete strangers in Salt Lake City’s City Creek Ceneter.

As part of Losing All Hope was Freedom (LAHWF), Hales approached individuals of varying ages, blatantly sniffed them and told them he liked the way they smelled. All of the reactions were 100 percent authentic and ranged from appreciative to creeped out. No stranger to comedy pranks, Hales has also attempted comedy pranks trying to hold a stranger's hand and hold doors open for individuals at an awkward distance.

Although at some points the video gets too creepy to watch, imagine how the individuals who didn’t know this was a prank felt? The LAHWF Smelling People Prank could also double as a societal public service announcement to remind individuals to always wear your deodorant.