The Kvakva Door Handle Would Make a Prime Perch for a Little Bird

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Puns don't only exist in the literary and verbal realms, occasionally coming out to introduce playful twists in the physical world as well. The Kvakva Door Handle is one of such manipulations of language and object, as the modified word "kvaka" means "door handle" in Croatian and sounds quite similar to the noise that a duck makes.

With this bit of avian inspiration and the desire to reduce design to its most natural and elementary forms, Ines Pasic and Zoran Sunjic chose to express the piece of hardware as a crooked tree branch. Such is the perfect perch for a bird. The Kvakva Door Handle comprises a straight keyhole plate, a bent bough grip and a twig-like deadbolt. Dreamed up in green, black and white, some models of the object even incorporate genuine wooden components.