The kSafe Helps You Achieve Goals by Locking Away Temptation

 - Mar 31, 2015
References: kickstarter & technabob
Getting more exercise or cutting back on bad habits could become more doable with the kSafe. If this product sounds familiar it's because the folks who made the Kitchen Safe -- the time-locked safe for food -- are behind it. Their latest creation isn't just meant to hold food and it doesn't just run on a timer.

The kSafe is controlled by a smartphone app and opens once one of three goals is met: activity, location or time. If you are trying to stick to an exercise plan then you can program the safe to open only when you've burned enough calories or when you've physically arrived at the gym. If you want to go the whole day without smoking you can lock your cigarettes in it for 24 hours.

The kSafe lets you increase your goals, but not cut them back. Progress is monitored with the app or by touching the safe's top, which displays a lighted 360-degree circle that is fully lit when you've reached your goal.